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The Eight and Nine Foot Lyman Tenders

The smallest outboards that Lyman show on record are the 8 ft. and 9 ft. tenders. Called the yacht tender or speed tender, these little beauties had a 54" beam and weighed 115 to 135 pounds. Built from 1930 thru 1935, these small but practical tenders serviced many of the bigger cruisers of the era. One particularly large boat builder that used a lot of these fine little craft was the Matthews Boat Works of Port Clinton, Ohio. Specializing in cruisers 30 ft. and larger, the little Lyman Tender was a perfect match for these finely crafted large cruisers. The archives show that Matthews and Lyman worked in conjunction with each other on a davitt design specifically to lift the little tenders on deck. The hull records show that Matthews purchased many of the 8 and 9 footers that Lyman built thru the early 1930's. These models were built in two finishes, the all natural wood varnished job with mahogany trim and polished bronze fittings, and the standard combination of painted hull with varnished interior. The seating arrangement consisted of two cross seats and divided stern seat. Class "A" outboard motors were recommended in the event of the need for power. Regular equipment included a pair of oars, manila rope bow line, and hoisting rings. Construction was typical Lyman of the era, with mahogany or cyprus planking over white oak ribs and keel. Mahogany was used as trim and they were copper fastened throughout. They were listed in 1930 at approximately $170 complete.

Eight and Nine Foot Tenders

Tom Koroknay
Lyman Boat Historian

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