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Lyman 22' Runabout

1946 brought the Lyman Boat Works back to peace time pleasure craft construction. This was the year that they introduced their soon to be most popular and most manufactured inboard, the 18' Islander. This year also marked the start of production for their 22' Runabout. A large, deep, roomy boat, this beauty was 22'2" overall, with an 8'1" beam. Drafting 2'1", the freeboard was a deep 3'6" forward, and 2'9" aft. Power was supplied by a Gray Marine Super Six (145 hp) which would push this craft along at a respectable 32 mph. Structural parts were of clear white oak as usual, but the hull was constructed of solid Honduras mahogany, which was a pre-war tradition. Also, the planking was narrower than the newer post-war boats would be.

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Photo from the 1947 Lyman Brochure

Although I could find no weight listed, I am sure this was a rather heavy boat for its size due to this style of planking. As you can see by the pictures, this mode had an optional hard top. With a swept back sytle that was popular in the late 40's/early 50's, it also had a sliding hatch topside. Although a well built, roomy Runabout, this model would not enjoy near the success or the longevity that the 18' Islander of 1946 would have. The Lyman Boat Works would only build forty-six of these beauties between September of 1946 and April of 1948 before discontinuing this model.

Tom Koroknay,
Lyman Boat  Historian

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Drawing from the 1947 Lyman Brochure

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