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Lyman 18' Runabout 1955 to 1957
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Photo from Mr. Koroknay's Collection

Along with the many models that the Lyman Boat Works turned out in the 1950's, the 18' Runabout was an almost obscure model produced from 1955 to 1957. With hull numbers running from B-1000 to B-1889, Lyman would produce 889 of these sleek 18' Runabouts within two years. Sometimes confused with the most popular 18' model of the times, the Islander Side Wheeler, these Runabouts had a forward steering wheel and a dash panel. They were the forerunners of the popular 19' Runabouts introduced in 1958. With powerplants of 60hp to 100hp Gray Marine engines, they could reach speeds up to 33 m.p.h. With a 6'10" beam and ribs spaced 6" on center, the 18' Runabout was a stout lapstrake model for sure, and able to accommodate seven passengers.

The first 18' Runabout (hull no. B-1000) was purchased by William C. Miller of Put-in-Bay, Ohio in June of 1995. Bill Miller was the founder of the Miller Ferry Line and a good friend and customer of W. E. Lyman. The accompanying page shows the 1995 brochure advertisement for the 18' Runabout as well as the options available with pricing.  Also, I have included a copy of the original hull record which shows the first 18' Runabout being picked up by the Miller Boat Line a day after it came off the assembly line.

Tom Koroknay
Lyman Boat Historian

1956 Lyman Brochure Page and Pricelist Section
Excerpt from 1956 Lyman Boat Works Price List and Brochure Page

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Check Sheet for 18' Runabout Hull No. B-1000

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