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The 17" Islander--A Deep Hulled Medium Speed Runabout

Born out of a need for a Runabout of stout design and seaworthiness, the 17' Islander was introduced in 1940. Definitely a true utility boat, this model would be the back bone of the Lyman Boat Works after the war. This boat was used primarily for fishing and transportation, thus justifying the high freeboard of 2' 11". The high freeboard coupled with a 5' 4" beam supplied plenty of room for six people without overcrowding. The 17' Islander of 1940, like other pre-war Lyman's, was planked with Philippine mahogany and fastened with copper rivets over white oak frames. The seats, coaming, transom, etc. were also of Philippine mahogany. In 1940, the 17' Islander sold for $865.00 with a Gray Sea Scout engine of 25 hp. The Gray Sea Scout would produce a speed of 14 mph. In 1940 this was considered a medium speed vessel.  Just think, all this speed and the 15 gallon fuel tank was good for 15 to 20 hrs. of running. After the war, Lyman would mass produce over 2600 of the legendary 18' Islander.

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Tom Koroknay
Lyman Boat Historian

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